Reliable braking in all conditions is crucial for driver safety and there is no place for compromise. The driver expects the brake discs, brake pads and other parts of the braking system to stop the car in every situation.


ABE brake parts ABE meet the expectations of drivers seeking a product ensuring reliability and safety in every road situation and that is why, for many years, they have been appreciated by the Inter Cars customers not only in Poland, but also in other European countries, regardless of whether a system is based on disc brakes or drum brakes with calipers.

Creating the ABE product offer we always ensure that the products supplied to the market meet all standards, even the most rigorous ones. Starting from the design and implementation stages through to all production processes, we ensure the highest quality down to the smallest detail, and thanks to the supervision of professional laboratories, we guarantee quality control of all elements at many levels in order to deliver a final product that is tested, safe and consistent. Every element in the entire ABE assortment is a guarantee of quality and reliability.


Intermeko Europe quality

During the process of continuous quality improvement of ABE brake parts and in cooperation with the Intermeko Europe testing laboratory, a multi-level Quality Assurance System was established, consisting of:

  • Tests of material prototypes
  • Tests of geometrical parameters of product samples
  • Strict quality control of deliveries prior to sale
  • RCA analysis, i.e. research into the causes of brake system parts wear.


The high quality of ABE products results from the systematic quality control of brake system parts before their sale. It consists of:

  • Measurements of geometric parameters, crucial for the proper functioning of individual parts of the braking system,
  • Test of the metallographic structure allowing detection of undesirable impurities and verification of correctness of material processing in the production process,
  • Durability tests, crucial for the safety of vehicle users,
  • Pressure tests checking the tightness of the brake parts and their durability,
  • Test of friction coefficient stability during cyclic braking at increased lining temperatures.

In obtaining the correct parameters it is particularly important to choose the right material for the friction components, therefore the test reports are discussed with the plants in order to make changes and improve the products, so that only parts that meet the stringent quality standards are sold.


Good quality brake components mean road safety

ABE represents quality verified by the best technical institutes and laboratories, continuously controlled by the Intermeko Europe laboratory. The product consisteny is possible thanks to cooperation with certified plants, which guarantee delivery reliability and the highest standard of workmanship. Through continuous testing and research, we ensure safety of ABE parts, in order to provide drivers with only the best products. Choosing our brake parts you can be sure that you are getting a high quality product which, if used properly, will never let you down on the road!