Flexible brake hoses

Flexible hoses are used in the brake system to transmit hydraulic fluid pressure between the master cylinder and the calliper or cylinder, and in the clutch system between the clutch pump and the clutch slave cylinder.

ABE Flexible brake hoses


Since these systems are responsible for safety, it is very important to have high quality flexible brake hoses and a design that ensures durability and safe use.

ABE Flexible brake hoses

ABE offers the highest quality flexible brake and clutch hydraulic hoses for all passenger cars, off-road and commercial vehicles manufactured in Europe, Asia and the United States.

ABE Flexible brake hoses


The multilayer structure of our hoses ensures their resistance to high pressure, flexibility and strength throughout the entire period of use. The applied coating guarantees resistance to weather conditions, road salt, oils and corrosive substances, thus allowing for a long and trouble-free operation.

The applied coating guarantees trouble-free operation

ABE’s flexible brake hoses are characterised by:

  • very wide offer, covering 96% of the European car fleet
  • high precision of manufacturing
  • high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage
  • constantly monitored quality
ABE Flexible brake hoses