Handbrake cables

Handbrake cables are the latest addition to ABE’s extensive product range. These components of the braking system have a very important influence on the driver’s safety when the car is stationary - especially on a hill.

Always remember to apply the handbrake before leaving the vehicle. A functioning handbrake cable ensures that a properly parked vehicle with the handbrake activated will not roll down a hill or roll out of control and cause unexpected damage.

ABE brake cables are characterised by high quality while maintaining an attractive price.



The offer is dedicated for passenger cars and vans on European roads. Currently, there are 250 references to popular models and it will be gradually extended.

ABE brake cables are produced in compliance with IATF 16949 quality standards, which ensure full control of production processes.


The inner steel cable is manufactured from high strength grade steel and guarantees many years of reliable service. The outer braided PVC Class A protects against weather conditions and ensures the correct operation of the braking system even at extremely low temperatures in winter. High quality and reliability are the main features of ABE’s brake cables.