ABS sensors

ABS sensors are small devices, but they play an extremely important role in vehicle safety systems. They are responsible for monitoring the wheel speed, and through a digital signal processing technology, they communicate the result of the measurement to the ABS control module. If different speeds of individual wheels are registered, the ABS pump adjusts the pressure in the system until the wheel rotates again. This process takes place several times every second.

ABS sensors are also responsible for providing information to all advanced vehicle safety systems such as traction control, lane stabilisation, hill descent control and others based on wheel speed control.

These small devices therefore play a vital role in the smooth running of modern vehicles.



The high quality and precision of ABS sensors ensures signal stability, guaranteeing accuracy, long life and reliability under all conditions.

ABE offers ABS sensors for many makes and models of European, Asian and American vehicles.



All ABS sensors are produced in selected factories which meet the current production standards according to the guidelines for the automotive segment IATF-16949. During production, quality and final product checks are carried out at every stage and all production batches are verified in the laboratory by means of an oscilloscope.