Brake drums and brake shoes

Brake drums are used on the rear axles of smaller vehicles and commercial vehicles. They are also used as a parking brake. In larger passenger cars, they are also used as a combination of a brake drum and a brake disc, the so-called disc-drum, where brake shoes mounted inside the disc are responsible for the parking brake.


The ABE brake drums are cast from the highest quality cast iron according to valid OE standards. The production process ensures that the drums are resistant to deformation, which translates into product durability and comfort of use.

All drums are statically and dynamically balanced in the final production process and the highest production standard is achieved by using state-of-the-art machines.


Brake drums available in ABE offer are subject to strict quality control, thanks to which they meet high standards and guarantee full dimensional repeatability.

The ABE brake shoes are manufactured from the highest quality materials and on the basis of modern technologies. They are characterised by high friction coefficient and optimum wear coefficient. They are tested at every stage of production and guarantee safety in all conditions of use.

In accordance with European regulations, ABE products meet the requirements of ECE R90 type-approval.

We offer brake drums and brake shoes for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

You can find out more about the regulations and the R90 European type-approval in the technology section.

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