The brake system is one of the most important components of every vehicle. Its efficiency and reliability largely determine the safety of the driver and passengers. Building the ABE offer, we always make sure that products supplied to the market meet all the most rigorous standards. Starting from the stages of design and implementation, through all production processes, we take care of the highest quality in every detail, and thanks to the supervision of professional laboratories, we guarantee quality control of all elements at many levels in order to deliver a final product which is tested, safe and repeatable. Each part of the entire ABE range is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

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ABE Performance range
Best quality

Modern, automated and certified factories. Every part with the ABE trademark, no matter where it is made, is a product made to the highest standard, on factory lines that guarantee keeping critical product features within tolerance limits.


Automation and robotisation in the factories ensure that every part produced - be it the first, the thousandth, or the millionth of the same batch - is reliable and sure not to fail the driver when they need it most.

ABE is subject to quality control

Repeated and very detailed control tests on the production lines and final tests allowing the product to be sold are some of the key elements in the ABE parts production process.

Each part is tested using professional systems and monitored using advanced tools. All this to make sure that the product that goes on the market not only satisfies the consumer's needs but also guarantees safe and correct use.

step-by-step quality control of ABE

All plants where the ABE products are manufactured meet the strict quality requirements imposed by the IATF 16949 technical specification. This guarantees that every part is manufactured according to the strict standards adopted for top-quality products.

Certificate IATF-16949
ABE meets all European standards included in the ECE R90 type-approval

We meet all European standards included in the ECE R90 type-approval. ABE brake pads and shoes undergo detailed tests in specialised, authorised testing units, which approve their sale on the aftermarket. Our products are marked with an approval symbol, confirming that they meet the norms and safety standards set out in the European Union directive..

In 2016, also brake discs were added to the list of mandatory elements specified in the European type-approval. The high quality of ABE discs means that they meet all the guidelines of this directive and have the required R90-2 type-approval.

All ABE products with friction compounds and brake discs for newer car models according to the directive meet the above requirements.

To find out more about the quality of our products and about the ECE R90 type-approval, go to the Knowledge section.

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ABE products are subject to laboratory tests

To achieve the highest quality, ABE products are constantly subjected to intensive laboratory testing. We have developed practical testing and inspection processes for each product group. This ensures that consumers receive a safe, high-quality product.


Brake discs and brake drums are key components of the brake system. They are primarily responsible for the fastest and safest possible braking of the vehicle. They must be made from the highest quality materials, so that even when they heat up to 700° C they retain their key properties. That's why, before we put ABE discs and drums on sale, we put them through a thorough series of tests in the laboratory, so that they can withstand even extreme operating conditions.

ABE brake discs and drums

What do we check in ABE discs and drums in the first place?

ABE brake discs and drums
  • Geometrical parameters - height, thickness and diameter must always be in accordance with the declaration and be within the narrow tolerance range. When selecting a random disc from the production line, we examine not only its dimensions, but also the axial runout and the roughness of the friction surface.
Quality test of ABE brake discs and drums
  • Metallographic structure and chemical composition, as we expect from each ABE disc the highest mechanical resistance, resistance to wear, thermal shocks and corrosion.
ABE brake discs and drums
  • Friction and heat resistance parameters of the brake discs during dynamic tests. They must always comply with the requirements of ECE R90 homologation.

Brake pads and brake shoes are the most critical vehicle components from the safety point of view. The effectiveness of braking in all cases, even extreme ones, depends on the quality of materials and the selection of appropriate compounds. Therefore, both brake pads and shoes, must meet the requirements of the UN/ECE Regulation no. 90. This type-approval guarantees the appropriate quality of workmanship and proper operation of these products.

ABE brake pads and brake shoes

What do we primarily check in ABE brake pads and shoes?

Quality tests of ABE brake pads and brake shoes
  • Testing the stability of the friction coefficient during cyclic braking in conditions of increased lining temperature. This key parameter influences the safety of vehicle users.
Quality tests of ABE brake pads and brake shoes
  • Testing shearing force of a friction material from a metal backing plate. It ensures proper adhesion of the friction material during vehicle braking.
Quality tests of ABE brake pads and brake shoes
  • Examining the hardness of a friction material and its compressibility at room temperature and 400°C for brake pads and 200°C for brake shoes.
Quality tests of ABE brake pads and brake shoes
  • Testing the noise of the braking system during the braking process. It confirms that the pads will not squeal when braking, which is a key indicator for comfort.

All the above tests are carried out periodically to ensure the repeatability and reliability of each ABE product. In this way, the effectiveness of brake pads and shoes is guaranteed, e.g. during braking from maximum speeds, or repeated braking while going down a hill, when the discs heat up to extremely high temperatures.


Other components of the braking system are no less important for efficient braking than the brake discs and pads. Following the principle according to any system, including the brake system, is only as durable as its weakest link, we do not forget about its other components.

Therefore, we also expect these parts to be reliable under high pressure conditions of up to p=200 atmospheres, both in winter, with temperatures below -30° C, and in summer, with temperatures above 50° C and high humidity.

ABE parts of the braking system

Brake hoses

ABE Brake hoses
  • They are subjected to critical strength testing in accordance with SAE J1401:
  • Ozone Resistance is designed to test the resistance to ageing of rubber components. Under conditions of varying temperature, high humidity and salinity, brake hoses are particularly susceptible to mechanical damage and loss of integrity,
ABE Brake hoses
  • Bending strength test at low temperatures (below -40° C)
ABE Brake hoses
  • High pressure resistance tests - 450 atmospheres. They are carried out after the ozone chamber tests, but also after cold bending tests and salt chamber tests, imitating the conditions on a wet, salted road
  • Fastener strength tests
Brake cables
  • We test the breaking strength of the cable and the lashing lugs. In this case, we pay special attention to the strength tests of the individual components, and we also check the quality of the materials used
Quality test of ABE brake cables
Hydraulic parts
ABE hydraulic parts

For master cylinders and brake cylinders we carry out:

  • Geometric tests
  • Pressure tests
  • Material tests - for metal components
  • Rubber components tests - resistance to ozone and brake fluid
ABS sensors
  • Electrical parameter tests
  • Functional tests
ABS sensors by ABE Performance

ABE offers quality verified by the best technical institutes and laboratories. Thanks to its cooperation with certified manufacturing plants guaranteeing supply security and the highest standards, it offers top-quality and consistent products. We monitor the safety of ABE parts through constant testing and research to make sure that only the best products reach drivers. Choosing our parts you choose high quality products that, if used properly, will never fail you.