Brake discs

The brake discs are responsible for dissipating the heat generated during braking. As a result of prolonged or aggressive braking, the temperature in the system increases significantly, which can reduce brake performance.

To maintain a high level of safety on the road, already in the process of designing and manufacturing brake discs, it is important to ensure that the final product is effective in dissipating heat as quickly as possible.

The ABE brake discs are made from a carefully selected set of raw materials, thanks to which we obtain repeatable, high-quality products. A structural heat dissipation system together with an advanced casting process of cast iron containing the right amount of carbon makes the ABE brake discs reliable, durable and effective.



The manufacturing process is supported by laboratory tests, rigorous road tests and meticulous quality control at every stage of production. Owing to them, ABE discs are characterised by high precision of manufacture guaranteeing the driver safe braking and high comfort of driving.

ABE’s wide range of brake discs includes cast one-piece solid and ventilated discs, as well as two-piece discs designed for premium cars and discs integrated with a bearing and ABS ring.

Thanks to the high quality of the castings, ABE’s discs are characterised by robust performance parameters, the most important of which include:

  • Low abrasion rate, which makes the discs durable yet works well with ABE brake pads
  • Long service life of the discs, thanks to the high quality alloy obtained from carefully selected raw materials
  • Resistance to deformation in high temperatures
  • High resistance to fading, i.e. the phenomenon of decreasing braking efficiency at high temperatures of the disc and the brake pads
  • Precision of engineering guaranteeing safety and high comfort of use
  • Thanks to the high carbon content the discs achieve better braking parameters and maintain a low level of shrinkage, which prevents deformation

The ABE brake discs offer a wide range of applications for passenger and commercial vehicles on European roads.