Brake pads

Modern brake pads are required to maintain an optimum balance between friction stability for short stopping distances and minimising noise and vibration, giving users a high level of comfort when driving. The ABE products meet these expectations.

The compounds used in brake pads must be matched to the size and weight of a vehicle. The optimal compound ensures shorter braking distances in all conditions.

Only the highest quality friction compounds and other proven accessories are used in the production of ABE brake pads. Additionally, ABE brake pads are characterised by shear resistance and stability of the friction coefficient.


With its brake pads, ABE ensures the safety of its users. Efficiency and reliability of braking are among the decisive factors in safe driving. A properly functioning braking system protects not only the driver and the passengers, but also other road users.



In braking systems, noise in the form of high-frequency squeals audible to the human ear is generated by vibration at the contact point between the brake pads and the brake disc.


When designing brake pads, the ABE engineers use a technology and many solutions aimed at improving comfort by reducing unpleasant noises and vibrations.


Examples of these include chamfering the edges of the friction material and "shim" damping pads, which make ABE pads run even quieter.