Brake callipers usually wear out relatively slowly, which is why we are not always able to immediately identify possible defects. Vehicle owners are usually unaware of the first symptoms, such as the damage to rubber sealing elements due to high friction or the ingress of impurities. When damage to the second seal occurs, corrosion of the piston can appear very quickly. This, in turn, results in its difficult operation. The first noticeable symptom is a specific smell coming out from a wheel with a damaged calliper. At this stage, a driver should pay attention to the condition of the brakes. The calliper may become completely blocked if proper corrective measures are not taken.

The symptoms of incorrect operation of the brake callipers include:

    • Vibration of the brake pedal while braking
    • Vibration of steering wheel while braking
    • Problems with maintaining the direction of travel
    • Pulling to one side while braking
    • Noise while braking

Remanufacturing of the ABE brake calliper or replacement with a new one

If the car shows any symptoms that suggest damage or wear of any of the braking system components, visit a service centre and inspect the condition of the braking system components. Damage to one of the components may lead to further failures in a short time, significantly increasing the costs of repair.

In such cases, the remanufacturing of the brake calliper or replacement with a new one is necessary. Remanufacturing of the calliper generally depends on the degree of wear of this element. Most often, there are signs of corrosion on it, which can be effectively removed by grinding the surface. In this way, the calliper can be restored to its former technical efficiency. However, if the rust has caused more damage, it may be necessary to buy a kit with a new plunger.

Repair of the ABE brake caliper

The corrosion can also cover the guide. This occurs in most cases as a result of the cracking of the rubber covers. Then, the friction in the guide increases, which results in irregularities in the calliper operation.

If we react early after the first symptoms show up, the remanufacturing may be limited to the cleaning of the guides and mounting new seals. When we get the callipers fixed too late, it may cause permanent damage, e.g. jamming of the guide in the calliper yoke. Then the only solution will be to buy a new brake calliper.