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ABE brand has been known and recognized in the European automotive market for several years, offering top-quality standards and advanced technologies in the manufacture of all components for braking systems.

ABE’s offer includes parts for both popular passenger cars and vans, as well as for sports cars and high-class limousines.

Automotive Brake Engineering offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for braking systems of all makes of cars and commercial vehicles available in Europe.

Warranty Quality

When creating out range of spare parts, we had in mind special quality requirements and high technical parameters of our products. The parameters and performance characteristics of braking systems were related to the parts and subassemblies used for the first assembly, thus meeting the stringent requirements compliant with the European type-approval.

Braking system components are particularly important for driver safety. That is why we continue to work and consistently pursue a strategy of providing a product that ensures confidence and guarantees safety to every user.


Automotive Brake Engineering supplies parts with long replacement intervals, even when used in difficult conditions, guaranteeing comfortable driving and safety when driving and braking.


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Warranty Quality

The European ECE R90 type-approval was created in 2001 and is defined in the European Union Directive 98/12 Annex 15. It is a set of compulsory regulations and safety standards which all brake pad and shoe manufacturers must comply with when producing friction brake components for passenger and commercial vehicles to be licensed for operation on European roads.

In short, each type of brake pad and shoe fitted in cars manufactured in the 21st century must meet certain requirements and pass certain tests carried out by certification bodies in order to be approved for sale in Europe.

The correct and effective operation of brakes translates into the safety of drivers in road traffic, which is why it is so important to meet all the restrictive guidelines. Obtaining a type-approval for each product requires appropriate, permanent marking on the elements of a pad or shoe itself, and analogous markings on the labels placed the boxes in which these products are placed.

All ABE brake pads and shoes for vehicles manufactured after the year 2000 have the required ECE R90 type-approval.


All parts from the extensive ABE range are available on the worldwide TecDoc platform. Each individual index can be easily searched by either entering an ABE number directly or by using the original manufacturer’s numbers and other related substitutes.

The TecDoc database is where you can check or verify details regarding the purpose of a given part, its dimensions, photos and other attributes. By bringing our parts onto the TecDoc platform, we meet the expectations of customers of the very diverse European automotive market.


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