Brake caliper motors

To increase the comfort and safety of the vehicle user, manufacturers are introducing a braking system incorporating an electric parking brake as an alternative to the traditional cable operated handbrake.

The electric parking brake helps with hill starts, preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards, and can also automatically apply and release the parking brake when parked to assist the driver.

The core element of this system is an electric brake calliper motor, responsible for clamping the rear brake pads.


Thanks to this solution, manufacturers have simplified the system, abandoning the use of disc/drums in favour of a disc and abandoning the brake shoes in favour of pads. As a result, the system requires less maintenance effort.

To meet the expectations of our customers, as brake calliper motors in passenger vehicles become increasingly popular, we have included them in our offer.

All calliper motors are manufactured to strict requirements and are subject to quality control in stages and post-production testing.